Jérémy Ka

Famous French radio host and DJ

Alexandre Oukidja

FC Metz professional soccer player

Melody Funck

Famous fashion influencer

Ugo Humbert

French professional tennis player ranked 20th in the world

Karen Khachanov

Russian professional tennis player ranked 15th in the world

Alexander Shevchenko

Russian professional tennis player ranked 48th in the world

Fabio Fognini

Italian professional tennis player ranked 8th in the world

Tony Parker

Former French basketball player with the San Antonio Spurs

Morgan Parra

Former French international rugby player

Marino Monferrato

KitchenManager Hospitality to Daou wines and to Hell’s Kitchen USA

Julien Boutter

Former French professional tennis player, TV consultant and director of the ATP250 Moselle Opentournament

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